Straw Golden Pina Lost Mary BM600S

Straw Golden Pina Lost Mary BM600S

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Lost Mary Straw Golden Pina BM600S is a lush strawberry mix of juicy, fruity pineapple and sweet coconut. The taste of freshly picked strawberry is present throughout, which then collides with pineapple for a balanced, yet bold taste. On the exhale, you’ll be able to enjoy the fragrant, pleasant, and tropically perfected profile of coconut for a lip-smacking finish making it an easy contender for your next all-day vape flavour.

This disposable is an elegant compact vape containing 20mg/ml of nic salts offering up to 600 puffs. Straw Golden Pina Lost Mary BM600S is measured by the number of puffs present in each device, roughly equivalent to a packet of 20 cigarettes. The versatility of each BM600S device means that it's easy to take anywhere and fits comfortably in your hand and pocket because of the shape; making them perfect for new vapers.

As a sealed unit, these disposable vape kits are fuelled by a low-powered battery and suitable coil with 2 ml/mg of nic salt liquids.


Liquid Type Nicotine Salt
Nicotine Strength 20 mg
Flavour Straw Golden Pina
Hardware Brand LOST MARY 
Hardware Range BM600S
Kit Type Disposable
Device Dimensions (W) 35mm
Device Dimensions (H) 66mm
Device Dimensions (D) 16mm
Product Material Plastic
Charging Type Pre-charged
Battery Type Built In
Liquid Capacity 2 ml
Box Contents 1 × Straw Golden Pina Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape