Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt

Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt

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Red Cherry by MaryLiq zeroes in on the singular flavour of cherries, offering a sweet, vibrant, and slightly tart taste. This flavour is straightforward yet satisfying, with the natural and full-bodied taste of a ripe, red cherry in every vape.

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MaryLiq Red Cherry is made using salt nicotine, which means that you experience a quicker craving satisfaction and a smoother throat hit. Derived from a 50/50 blend and has been manufactured for use with pod kits

Red Cherry Nic Salt comes in a 10ml bottle that last you the same amount as 5 disposables and come with nicotine strengths of either 10mg or 20mg.


  • 1 x 10ml bottle Red Cherry Nic Salt by MaryLiq

Made in China

E liquid Flavour Profile: Cherry

PG/VG Ratio: 50:50

Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg

Size: 10ml


Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt Review

Indulge in the simple yet profound pleasure of Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt, a flavour that captures the pure, sweet essence of red cherries. This e-liquid is a tribute to the timeless taste of one of nature's most delightful fruits, offering a rich and satisfying cherry experience that's both authentic and invigorating. Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt is perfect for vapers who appreciate the depth and natural sweetness of fruit flavours, providing a straightforward yet delightful vaping experience.

With each inhale of Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt, you're enveloped in the succulent and robust flavour of freshly picked cherries. The taste is vibrant and full-bodied, transporting you to a summer day in a cherry orchard with every puff. This e-liquid captures the essence of red cherries in their purest form, providing a smooth, flavourful experience that's both juicy and refreshingly sweet. Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt is ideal for those who seek a vape that's rich in flavour and embodies the true character of cherries without any added complexities.

Moreover, Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt is a testament to Lost Mary's dedication to quality and flavour authenticity. Each draw offers a consistent and enjoyable experience, showcasing Lost Mary's expertise in crafting e-liquids that deliver pure, unadulterated flavours. The focus on capturing the essence of red cherries in Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt demonstrates Lost Mary's commitment to providing vapers with e-liquids that are both delightful and true to their origins.

Beyond its luscious taste, Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt is also a reflection of the exceptional branding that Lost Mary is renowned for. The packaging's elegant and alluring design perfectly encapsulates the premium quality of the e-liquid, enhancing each vaping session. As a product of the esteemed Lost Mary, Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt carries a legacy of innovation and supreme quality. Lost Mary's dedication to fusing aesthetic elegance with unparalleled flavour experiences is evident in every aspect of Red Cherry MaryLiq Nic Salt. Choosing this flavour is not just a preference—it's an embrace of a legacy celebrated by vaping connoisseurs globally