Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt

Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt

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Peach Ice by MaryLiq combines the soft, nectar-like sweetness of ripe peaches with a chilly menthol effect. Imagine the taste of a frosty peach smoothie in every inhale, where the fruit's mellow flavour is given a brisk and frosty counterpart.

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MaryLiq Peach Ice is made using salt nicotine, which means that you experience a quicker craving satisfaction and a smoother throat hit. Derived from a 50/50 blend and has been manufactured for use with pod kits

Peach Ice Nic Salt comes in a 10ml bottle that last you the same amount as 5 disposables and come with nicotine strengths of either 10mg or 20mg.


  • 1 x 10ml bottle Peach Ice Nic Salt by MaryLiq

Made in China

E liquid Flavour Profile: Peach, Ice

PG/VG Ratio: 50:50

Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg

Size: 10ml


Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt Review

Delight in the luscious fusion of sweet, ripe peaches with a chilling icy finish in Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt. This e-liquid encapsulates the essence of summer with a frosty twist, offering a delectable blend that's both refreshing and satisfying. Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt is an enchanting melody of flavours, ideal for those who love their vape with a balance of natural sweetness and a cool, invigorating sensation.

From the first inhale, Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt surrounds your senses with the juicy, succulent taste of freshly picked peaches. The flavour is rich and enveloping, reminiscent of biting into a ripe peach on a hot summer day. This sweetness is beautifully contrasted with an icy exhale, providing a crisp and refreshing finish that elevates the peach flavour to new heights. Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt is a favourite for vapers seeking a fruity yet cool vaping experience that is both indulgent and exhilarating.

Moreover, Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt is a shining example of Lost Mary’s commitment to excellence and innovation in flavour crafting. Each draw is a testament to their expertise in blending familiar flavours with unique twists, creating an e-liquid that is both comforting and exciting. The blend of sweet peach with a refreshing ice finish in this e-liquid showcases Lost Mary's ability to create vape experiences that are both delightful and memorable."

Every bottle of Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt is also a showcase of the exceptional branding that Lost Mary is known for. The design is as vibrant and inviting as the flavour within, reflecting the premium quality of the e-liquid. As a creation of the esteemed Lost Mary, Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt carries with it a heritage of quality and innovation. Lost Mary’s dedication to fusing visual elegance with unparalleled flavour experiences is apparent in every aspect of Peach Ice MaryLiq Nic Salt. Opting for this flavour is not just a choice—it's an entry into a world where every vape is a celebration of refined taste and style, cherished by vaping enthusiasts worldwide.