Lemon Lime Bar Hacker

Lemon Lime Bar Hacker

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Lemon Lime 100ml Vape Juice by Bar Hacker

Zest up your vaping experience with Bar Hacker's Lemon Lime e-liquid, where every 100ml bottle is a burst of citrus brilliance inspired by the most refreshing disposable vapes. Imagine the sprightly tartness of a freshly-sliced lemon and the zingy kick of a juicy lime, combined in a symphony of sharp, energizing flavours that dance on your palate. This isn't just a flavour; it's a vibrant escape to a sun-drenched grove with the convenience and disposable-like satisfaction you crave. Bar Hacker's Lemon Lime is meticulously concocted for the vaper who seeks the punchy, exhilarating rush of citrus without the fleeting life of a disposable. Each draw delivers a steady, flavour-packed experience, keeping your taste buds in a perpetual state of awe. Invigorate your senses with this tangy staple, and elevate your day with the true essence of lemon and lime, reinvented for the discerning vape enthusiast.

Ratio of Lemon Lime by Bar Hacker

Lemon Lime by Bar Hacker is available in a 70VG:30PG ratio which is our biggest seller and most common choice, big vapour production with a smooth throat hit. This ratio of e-liquid is recommended for use with Sub-Ohm vape kits.

If you want to lower the ratio of VG even further then we recommend adding PG shots instead of VG based shots which are available from the drop down menu when selecting product variants. 

E liquid Flavour Profile: Lemon, Lime

PG/VG Ratio: 30:70

Nicotine Strength: 0mg or 3mg with Nic Shots 

Size: 100ml

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Made in the UK

Adding Nic Shots to Lemon Lime Bar Hacker

This bottle of e-liquid is 0mg. To make it 3mg please follow the instructions below ensuring your secure the tip back on the bottle correctly:-

Lemon Lime Bar Hacker