Hohm Run XL 21700 Battery

Hohm Run XL 21700 Battery

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The Hohm Run XL 21700 vape battery from Hohm Tech is designed to provide a superior and long-lasting power source for your vaping devices, particularly suitable for those who engage in sub-ohm vaping. This battery features an impressive 4000mAh capacity, allowing it to last significantly longer between charges compared to standard batteries. It also offers a 30A continuous discharge rate, making it highly effective for demanding vaping setups that require consistent and powerful output.

Before using the Hohm Run XL 21700 battery, it is crucial to ensure it is compatible with your specific vape kit or device. This check includes verifying that the device can accommodate the 21700 battery size and handle the electrical requirements. Similarly, when recharging, it is important to use an external charger that is specifically designed for 21700 batteries to maintain optimal health and performance of the battery.

For guidance on proper maintenance and safety practices, consult our comprehensive battery safety tips guide. Proper handling and care can significantly extend the life of your battery and help prevent potential safety issues.


  • Type: 21700 Vape Battery
  • Configuration: Flat Top
  • Protection: Non-Protected (appropriate for both regulated and unregulated devices)
  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 30A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Safety Reminder: Always adhere to the specified maximum continuous discharge rate when using the Hohm Run XL 21700 battery in any vape device, whether regulated or unregulated. Exceeding this rate can lead to increased safety risks and may also reduce the battery's overall lifespan. Regular inspections for damage or wear are recommended to ensure safe and reliable use.