Helios Nic Salt E-Liquid by Zeus Juice

Helios Nic Salt E-Liquid by Zeus Juice

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Helios, with its Apricot and Peach flavour, offers a sun-kissed, orchard-fresh experience that captures the essence of summer. The apricot component brings a slightly tart, subtly sweet, and distinctly aromatic profile, reminiscent of the fruit's soft, velvety skin and tender flesh. Complementing this, the peach flavour adds a luscious, nectar-like sweetness, with its juicy and succulent notes creating a more rounded and robust fruit experience. Together, these two stone fruits blend seamlessly, their flavours intertwining to create a vape that is both refreshing and richly flavoured. The smoothness of the nic salt formulation would enhance the natural, ripe qualities of the apricot and peach, making each inhale a smooth, flavourful journey through a ripe orchard basked in sunlight, ideal for vapers who appreciate the delicate yet distinct flavours of summer fruits.

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Zeus Juice is made using salt nicotine, which means that you experience a quicker craving satisfaction and a smoother throat hit. Derived from a 50/50 blend and has been manufactured for use with pod kits with a choice of nicotine strengths of either 10mg or 20mg.

Made in the UK

E liquid Flavour Profile: Apricot, Peach

PG/VG Ratio: 50:50

Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg

Size: 10ml