Gummy Bear Nasty Liq Nic Salt

Gummy Bear Nasty Liq Nic Salt

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Nastyliq Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear Nastyliq is a playful and nostalgic concoction reminiscent of the classic gummy bear candies. This vape would offer a burst of mixed fruit flavours that are sweet, slightly tart, and wonderfully sugary, capturing the essence of the chewy, fruity treats. The gummy candy essence would likely be the star, providing a harmonious blend of indistinct fruity notes that give way to a sugary, satisfying finish, with the potential addition of Nasty Juice's signature hint of coolness to add a fresh twist to the candy sweetness.

Derived from 50% VG to deliver more flavour and small vapour clouds, Gummy Bear Nastyliq works perfectly with MTL Pod Systems.

Gummy Bear Nastyliq Deals

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Nastyliq Gummy Bear Details


Made in Malaysia

E liquid Flavour Profile: Gummy Bear, Candy

PG/VG Ratio: 50:50

Nicotine Strength: 10mg or 20mg

Size: 10ml

Gummy Bear by Nastyliq 

Get ready to be whisked away into a whimsical world of flavour with the delightful Gummy Bear NastyLiq, a brand synonymous with vaping excellence on a global scale. This expertly crafted nicotine salt infusion captures the essence of indulgence with a smooth, satisfying hit that's perfect for your all-day vaping pleasure.

Every inhale delivers the nostalgic taste of gummy bears, bursting with a rainbow of fruity flavours that evoke joyous memories from the first taste. The vibrant, chewy sweetness that has enchanted candy lovers everywhere is now available in your vape, creating a fun-filled, sugary journey that you can enjoy without the stickiness on your fingers.

Nasty Juice has transformed the iconic gummy bear into an irresistible vape experience, blending their top-tier branding with an amazing taste that lingers delightfully on the palate. Gummy Bear NastyLiq isn't just a flavour; it's a ticket to relive those playful moments with every puff, savouring the carefree bliss of your favourite treats. Dive into the sweet sensation that Gummy Bear NastyLiq promises and let your taste buds frolic in the world of sumptuous flavours!