Bubblegum IVG 100ml

Bubblegum IVG 100ml

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Bubblegum IVG 100ml replicates the familiar and nostalgic taste of classic bubblegum. It offers a sweet and fruity flavour profile with a hint of cotton candy, providing a delightful and candy-like vaping experience. Bubblegum e-liquid is known for its vibrant and sugary taste, making it a popular choice among vapers who seek a fun and playful vape reminiscent of their favourite childhood bubblegum.

Previously available in 50ml, Bubblegum by IVG now comes in 100ml bottles. Enjoy double the e-liquid for only a couple of quid more! IVG E-Liquids provide every sub-ohm vaper with a superb flavour that never gets boring. They truly do Vape Great!

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Made in the UK

Bubblegum IVG 100ml is made in the UK.

E liquid Flavour Profile: Bubblegum

PG/VG Ratio: 30:70

Nicotine Strength: 0mg or 3mg with Nic Shots 

Size: 100ml

Adding Nic Shots to Bubblegum IVG 100ml 

This bottle of e-liquid is 0mg. To make it 3mg please follow the instructions below ensuring your secure the tip back on the bottle correctly:-

Bubblegum IVG 100ml