Kong Blood by Lucky Thirteen

Kong Blood by Lucky Thirteen

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Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 4.3
from Anonymous on 29/10/2017
The taste was really nice but my coil was gone in two days
When I use Spartan juices they last around two weeks.
Every vape is as good as the first
from Barry Shearer on 10/10/2017
The first vape juice I have ever had that never looses its flavour. Every juice I've had the flavour seems to go away after the first vape or I end up getting used to it. This strawberry flavour is so powerful but still very smooth. Completely buzzing to have found this hidden little treasure even my lips feel cold on the exhale
very good
from Anonymous on 02/10/2017
Lovely juice. It has a sweet strawberry flavour that's creamy on the way out and has a mild menthol cooling. The taste reminds me of strawberry chewits

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