Customer ratings for Reggae Smash by Spartan Juice

Reggae Smash by Spartan Juice
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Mango, Passion Fruit

All Hail the King of Spartan Juice - a Highly Rated Juicy Mango and Passion Fruit

30ml (3x10ml)

3mg, 6mg

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Number of ratings: 145
Average rating: 4.6
Great quality juice
from Solamon on 30/09/2018
Really enjoyed the juice. Good quality and customer service was excellent.
from Anonymous on 22/10/2017
Regular user.. don't use anything elsd
ADV 10 / 10
from ANDY CARPENTER on 09/10/2017
Wonderful tropical clouds floating through the sky. Top Notch, great vape.
Fresh Mango Fresh Mango Fresh Mango
from Anonymous on 15/09/2017
I was under the impression when buying this that it might be like an innocence smoothie, however I was a little taken aback by just how much this tasted of Fresh Mango, but only that. There was a hint of passion fruit but the fresh mango was quite over powering.

So. If you like Fresh Mango this is certainly up your street, but if you're looking for big juicy smoothie flavours like I am I wouldn't reccomend it.
from Anonymous on 04/09/2017
Love this flavour
Very good
from Anonymous on 19/08/2017
Can only taste oranges
from Anonymous on 19/07/2017
Tastes like orange cordial to me but it's alright
from Anonymous on 14/07/2017
Great flavour . Can't get enough of it
from Anonymous on 18/06/2017
from Anonymous on 18/05/2017
Very good
from Anonymous on 17/05/2017
Never leave reviews but this juice is amazing for the price!!! I mean it's not the most flavoursome but I got it without the flavour shot. Very tasty even though it's not that strong but next time I'll defiantly try the extra flavour shot!
Tastes amazing
from Anonymous on 14/05/2017
Great taste would highly recommend
from Anonymous on 24/04/2017
from Anonymous on 20/04/2017
Lovely fruity tropical taste. I purchase a Mango & Passion Fruit smoothie for my stepson from Aldi (in an attempt to get at least SOME fruit into his diet) and this is very similar. Ordered 70/30 with the 'Strong' flavour profile. Running it through a .5 SS coil at 30(ish) watts gives plenty of vapour.
from Anonymous on 19/04/2017
It's one of those where the first couple of tanks are amazing but after that the flavour takes a nose dive. I didn't steep the liquid so it might be better then but I feel if that's the case then it should say that in the product description
5 star
from Anonymous on 17/04/2017
excellent flavour,very smooth excellent vape
Not bad at all
from Anonymous on 14/04/2017
Nice flavour, prompt delivery and cannot fault them on the price
Brilliant value
from Anonymous on 14/04/2017
Very smooth pleasant taste
from Anonymous on 04/04/2017
one of the best tasting juice i bought for 10 per 100ml
from Anonymous on 03/04/2017
Best flavour
from Anonymous on 02/04/2017
This has got to be one of the best flavours i have ever had in a ecig, when I order this I always make sure I have 2 bottles because it's that good, great taste all the way through never gets old.
Value for money
from Anonymous on 02/04/2017
Buy buy buy ul not b disappointed
very nice flavour
from Anonymous on 30/03/2017
this is the best flavour from all the other ones
Lovely Juice
from Anonymous on 29/03/2017
Bought this one for the wife. She loved it, I tried it and I loved it too. Very tasty, fruity, like a cocktail, pina colada maybe? So nice, I got one for myself on the next order!
from Anonymous on 29/03/2017
First time using this brand and liquid. Didn't expect much tbh because it was so cheap, however flavour was there and the liquid didn't disappoint me. Got the 30/70 and will be using this again for sure. Recommend using this for anyone looking for cheap and good quality liquid.
Rate as a good product.
from Anonymous on 25/03/2017
This is my first time ordering from juicy Vapes I am always very wary of buying liquids online. But this store is a good one very well handled with product. Also good delivery I ordered Friday and got item by Tuesday. Taste of The liquid is nice and fruity and I prefer fruity flavours to most other flavours.
good quality liquid, great service, although unusual flavour
from Anonymous on 20/03/2017
great thick juice, great price great service(delivery)
although unusual flavour which isnt the best but isnt un-vapeable. other really nice flavours though throught the website!
from Anonymous on 18/03/2017
Straight out of the bottle this tastes amazing, was not expecting this to be as nice as it it, but it has got a lot of punch cases really taste the mango and passion fruit both flavours work so well with each other
very nice
from Anonymous on 16/03/2017
great all day vape
from Anonymous on 16/03/2017
Very tasty tropical juice one of my all time favourites. Definitely one for fruit flavour lovers.
very very nice
from Anonymous on 15/03/2017
Full of flavour
from Anonymous on 01/03/2017
Great all day vape.
Smells nice
from Anonymous on 28/02/2017
Great price for 100ml of liquid. The flavours are right up my street so was looking forward to trying this. I'm afraid it didn't live up to the delicious aroma at all. Muted flavour even with the strong i selected and I found a slightly harsh throat hit that you wouldn't expect with a 3mg juice. Gave it to a skint friend so he's happy enough haha.
Excellent product, amazing value
from Anonymous on 22/02/2017
Love it
from Anonymous on 19/02/2017
Grrat tasting juice.
Excellent flavour
from Anonymous on 15/02/2017
Bought this based on the sheer number of good reviews and I'm not disappointed. Straight from the bottle I tanked it into Atlantis mega with a fresh evo 0.5 coil @ 40 watts and I can't fault it. Nice taste and big clouds, fantastic value. Happy customer once again.
Cant complain
from Anonymous on 14/02/2017
I have given it 5 stars because the flavour is consistent. Personally i didn't enjoy the flavour as much as i enjoyed the slonk however considering the price cannot complain. The flavour has been consistent as i was going through the bottle. I have just places an order of two other flavours to try from the site. Would recommend for good value for money.
from Anonymous on 13/02/2017
My all time favourite vaping juice, you can probably tell from my most recent order that this is my ADV. Incredible flavour, clouds everything I want :D :D :D
from Anonymous on 13/02/2017
This juice is my favourite so far, it's just so good, the flavours are amazing and when I've got it in I get everyone saying hmm that smells good what's that and then they all end up having some haha, perfect every time.
Highly rated great taste
from Anonymous on 11/02/2017
Customer service outstanding
Great fruity taste and good value
from Anonymous on 11/02/2017
Great taste!
from Anonymous on 10/02/2017
I am really enjoying this juice and very happy for the price I have paid. I can recomand this to anyone who is vaping. My only problem is that when I placed the order I have requested GLASS bottles and I have receive PLASTIC ones and I'm not happy because of that. I can understand that sometimes companies are running out but when they are out of stock they should change the order option and dont make them available if you don't have them. Otherwise I will give you a 5 stars this time coz I'm enjoying the juice but next time if I return will be one star if you don't provide me what I ask and pay for. Thanks
from Anonymous on 08/02/2017
Fav every day Vape... Tropical taste
from Anonymous on 07/02/2017
Great all day cape and fab price
Werry nice products
from Anonymous on 07/02/2017
The product is great. Arrived on time as it said. And you won't get better deal for your money any were else. Will recommend to anyone. Great job guys. I will be back for some more soon.
Beautiful all day Vape
from Anonymous on 06/02/2017
On my third bottle of this now and thought it time I wrote a review.
Beautiful flavour very much like the flavour of lilt or oasis like a tropical drink.
Have enjoyed it very much and have used it as my all day Vape for over one month now.
Decent enough
from Anonymous on 02/02/2017
The complexity and depth of flavour does not compare to bigger/pricier brands, but for a cheap all-day-vape it's not bad.

The flavour is very shallow and seems to disappear after a few puffs. I'm told it smells very nice but i can barely taste it and certainly can't distinguish Mango and Passionfruit, it's more of a vague, sweet taste. This is with the extra flavour shot too.

I don't love it, but for £10 per 100ml it's worth the money. Just don't expect it to compare to the premium brands.
Top notch
from Anonymous on 01/02/2017
If you vape and it's sub ohm you use stop looking elsewhere. This is the best of the best, I love it.
very tasty and smooth
from Anonymous on 27/01/2017
no negatives
Smooth vape
from Anonymous on 16/01/2017
Nice flavour, subtle and juicy. Worth a buy for sure.
Excellent with one problem
from Anonymous on 12/01/2017
The juice is excellent and you get a very nice tropical flavour. Produces large thick clouds ( I keep setting the smoke alarm off)
The large bottle is great as i do not need to carry a couple bottles around to make sure I don't run out

The only problem with this product and other juice products is ordering a glass bottle.

Every time I order juice I ask for a glass bottle but never once received one.

Overall great product but if you don't have glass bottles don't advertise it
The best
from Anonymous on 04/01/2017
Order 2 every month for a long period of time now. Great delivery time, a good fruity flavour with great clouds.
from Anonymous on 02/01/2017
I didnt get it
Really had no taste of mango for me. Shame as I was looking forward to it.
from Anonymous on 31/12/2016
Will buy again for sure
from Anonymous on 13/12/2016
Requires steeping.
from Anonymous on 08/12/2016
For the money, it is a great juice. However, don't expect to be blown away when you first receive it as it will be quite harsh. Been steeping it for a few days now which has made it completely smooth with better flavour.

Using an RX2/3 on .25 dual claptons @ 80W.
from Anonymous on 06/12/2016
Really nice taste
from Anonymous on 05/12/2016
Asked for a strong strength in flavour and it was found lacking in that department. Very good value for money
Good quality
from Anonymous on 04/12/2016
Smooth flavour. Good service & quality. I got the regular flavour as higher-level might be too much for some
from Anonymous on 29/11/2016
Lovely little cocktail of flavours. Tastes like your sitting in the Caribbean! Top service. (Strong, 70/30)
Very tasty!
from Anonymous on 17/11/2016
totally love Reggae smash. The flavour and cloud is super good, and that's with just one week steeping. after a week or so, I can imagine it will get better.
I'm vaping at 30w, and i ordered 70/30 mix with extra flavour. i couldn't be happier to have found juicy vapes, as the prices are affordable, and the quality is very good.
i love the mix of mango and passion fruit, it's beautiful on inhale and exhale. this is easily an all day vape. highly recommend!
from Anonymous on 10/11/2016
This has no taste
Addidas perfume
from Anonymous on 10/11/2016
I got the double strength one and it is far too potent, it's like inhaling cheap perfume.
from Anonymous on 08/11/2016
Realy good flavour.and was made extra strong for me.will be ordering this again.recieved it on time.brilliant.
Good product fair taste
from Anonymous on 03/11/2016
The first think is the Mango but in breath out the passion fruit and the note of sweet cream is coming. It takes twelve days for the delivery. You must leave it a few days to mature. I use it in Avocado 24 and Mad Hatter dripper. Create hit throat.
I ordered at 70vg/30pg strong taste and 6mg of nic.
from Anonymous on 14/10/2016
I have been vaping on fruity flavours since ive started vaping! This juice is so nice and sweet and refreshing A++ highly recommended and will be back in the future for more ! Was just dripping it as soon as it's arrived and then put it in my tfv4 after a day when it was sitting in the cupboard overnight and it's just great!
from Anonymous on 12/10/2016
this is a very nice mango flavour i would order again.
Amazing Taste and Great Value for money!
from Anonymous on 06/10/2016
I have purchased this flavour many times now and have not been disappointed once with it! The mango has just the right amount of sweetness and the passionfruit blends perfectly with it to give a lovely rounded taste.

The e-liquid is made fresh to order unless buying the vintage range which unfortunately this does not come under (hopefully it will in the future) so does need to be steeped for a little while, but I've found the taste is still amazing as soon as I got it and it just got better as it steeped

Would highly recommend this product and any other from this site as they provide amazing value for money!
Great value
from Anonymous on 21/09/2016
Tried it for a change and not disappointed relax and enjoy
Nice and sharp
from Anonymous on 01/09/2016
It's a good vape. Good flavour, with a little throat hit.
Mango with a hint of passion fruit.
from Anonymous on 01/09/2016
This is a nice all day vape. Nice mango with a hint of passion fruit. Unlike the other flavours I have tried I found this one to tickle my throat a bit. Great flavour on day of delivery and only got better with a weeks steep. I will order again.
Flavour is great. Well blended. Nic is a slight letdown.
from Anonymous on 23/08/2016
As the title says, the flavour from this is great. I selected the "strong" strength as I use "cloud machine" tanks like the uwell crown, tfv8 etc. It's a well blended mix that'll go down well as a summer vape for many. Only downside is the nicotine. As others have said, it's exceptionally harsh. Ordered in 3mg/0.3%, and it vapes more like a strong 6-9mg. Going to order another bottle in 0mg to even it out.

I'd definitely recommend this product, just be warned about the nicotine strength. If you have your own nicotine, go with the 0mg and add whatever you need yourself. If you don't, make sure to buy some 0mg to dilute whichever strength you buy.

P.S. Forgot to add, I ordered at 70vg/30pg.
from Anonymous on 16/08/2016
Been using this juice as my all day vape for 2 months and absaloutly love it. Really good flavour and huge clouds.
Great all day vape
from Anonymous on 14/08/2016
Tried a few of the products for these and this is up there with 1 of my favourates
from Anonymous on 09/08/2016
Very cheap, however fairly bland tasting. Can't complain for price
Great flavour
from Anonymous on 05/08/2016
I ordered the flavour at regular strength but really should have gone strong as it is weak for me but great flavour
As smooth as sandpaper...
from Anonymous on 02/08/2016
Bought this product because of its great reviews and even better price, however I'm not sure if Iv been given a late April fools bottle or I'm the victim of some sick joke. I have been Vaping for 2+ years now and have never had a high VG liquid that's this harsh before, on the first couple of hits you will almost certainly cough your nan out of the room and then after 5-10 minutes you realise that ohh there is actually some flavour in this juice, it's just hidden behind the fireball of throat hurting juice. I know the bottles are labled by hand and I may have gotten a wrong ratio by human error, well I am hoping so because on price you can not be beaten. All in all I really wanted to like this juice because I'm cheap but it has the same smoothness as 24mg high PG juice and I had a 3mg 70vg 30pg. Disappointing.
Sweet and interesting
from Anonymous on 28/07/2016
This liquid was good to go on arrival
Filled up my smok TFV8 (V8 coil)
75watts mango taste, smooth with plenty if vapour
90watts the beautiful sweet mango comes through with hints of passion fruit on exhale
Juice stays very nice with thick clouds and good flavour you will have a hard time putting this down

Then i tried it in my standard crown uwell tank (0.5ohm) and was not disappointed it was still sweet the passionfruit was more subdued (used up a full tank so this wasnt a deal breaker) 30-50watts

All in all this juice has a fantastic flavour however it is sweet and one of my colleagues found it too much so and another undecided (although the hardware used was a petrol station setup)
I would highly recommend if you love a sweet vape
Nic: 3mg--70/30VGPG--strong
A bit of a ramble. Be safe and carry on vaping
Very good
from Anonymous on 28/07/2016
Great juice the flavour is spot on good to go straight from the bottle will definatly be getting more keep up the good work
Nice flavour but.......
from Anonymous on 17/07/2016
Bought this as I love mango vapes and was really hopeful this was going to be good.......which it was......after a weeks steeping and 10mls being replaced by plain VG as it was simply too harsh. Once getting past how harsh it was to begin with, the flavour was really good.
from Anonymous on 12/07/2016
Nice combination of flavour's
Exceeded my expectations. Especially given the price
Used to make my own butane these prices it's not worth the hassle,
Will be buying some moore
from Anonymous on 12/07/2016
Nice combination of flavour's
Exceeded my expectations. Especially given the price
Used to make my own butane these prices it's not worth the hassle,
Will be buying some moore
Tropically awesome!
from Anonymous on 09/07/2016
I was after a mango based flavour... And was not disappointed with this little belter.
I let it steep for a couple of days before use.
Will be coming back for more.
Good, flavour could be better
from Anonymous on 07/07/2016
Contact: Overall good, when messaging before ordering very quick responses and very informative.

Dispatched: Same day.

Postage: Royal Mail 1st Classed signed for. Took 4 days in all not the greatest. Packaging was simple but effective.

The bottle (plastic) a nice squishy bottle, will help with filling. A nice thin dripper to help with filling even the tightest gap. A nice label, not individual, however still clear to see which is which.

Scent: Bought 3 different flavours (strong), opened them up and the smell was great, easy to tell the different flavours.

Steeping: 2 weeks in and Reggae smash is pretty much done.

Flavour: Nice flavours. Not as strong as I thought it would be. Can taste the strawberry and lime quite well in Reggae smash.

Clouds: Nice dense thick clouds

Tanks used for testing: Aspire Cleito 0.4ohm and Velocity Clone RDA.
Decent favour- not over powering at all. Really good price
from Anonymous on 07/07/2016
The flavours are blended well, not too over- powering. So this does make very nice vape. I only bought due to the good reviews - and I'm not dissapointed. for £10 it's unbelievable. Not the best flavour I've ever tasted but pretty decent. I do recommend it.
Good flavour
from Anonymous on 01/07/2016
Seriously is one of the best Caribbean based fruit flavours I've ever tried. So happy with my purchase
Excellent flavour balance
from Anonymous on 28/06/2016
I was a bit worried about ordering juice from another company but this juice is 100% for me. I got the regular and although not as much flavour as my previuos supplier it suits me better. Im a MTL vaper and the balance of this is perfect, you get the nicotine hit with a nice hint of flavour, This review is for my personal taste and I would advise anyone who wants more flavour to go for the strong instead of regular. Either way you wont be dissapointed. I will definitely get my juice from here again and its that cheap I wont have the bother of making my own
from Anonymous on 26/06/2016
A friend got me onto this one after letting me try his. I had to get some because the taste was amazing. Really quick delivery and such an amazing price, genuinely the cheapest I have come across
from Anonymous on 25/06/2016
Nice vape
Very bad
from Anonymous on 24/06/2016
I purchased this product less than a week ago and had high expectations unfortunately I was let down. I had ordered it 3mg strength with normal flavour, once I poured in the first tank I came across a very harsh flavour. It was literally burning the throat and had no Taste at all. I thought it could have been due to the coil burning out (0.5). So i decided to replace the coil but with no avail stil the same bland/burning taste. Very reluctant to buy further products from juicy vapes.. (Using a kangertech subox mini kit )
This is a great product with great flavor, that is also not too sweet and balanced really well!
from Anonymous on 22/06/2016
not a bad taste
from Anonymous on 21/06/2016
not sure what say had hi hopes but very little taste will try stronger next time but would have to be be a hell of a lot better to go on buying
First review
from Anonymous on 01/06/2016
I don't usually leave reviews but I thought I had to say how pleased I am with this juice. The flavour is amazing, very fruity and authentic.
from Anonymous on 30/05/2016
Really nice notes very exotic tasting reminiscent of um bongo
Third time
from Anonymous on 27/05/2016
Third time ordering from you guys amazing value, amazing flavour, amazing clouds just wow.
Best I've tried
from Anonymous on 25/05/2016
Cannot put my finger one any other juice that has come remotely close to the flavour, clouds and value for money as this. Right up there
from Anonymous on 25/05/2016
Really nice mix of sweet fruit flavours.
from Anonymous on 23/05/2016
This has been my go to juice for a long time! Love the stuff.... Nothing compares
Brilliant value for money
from Anonymous on 23/05/2016
First time I've purchased online as was a little unhappy with the prices I was paying at my local shop I tend to get through quite a lot of e-juice. I am a very big fan of sweet based flavours and have to say that this flavour is well up there with the best juices I've tried but the value for money on this is unreal!
disgusting will not buy again.
from Anonymous on 22/05/2016
total waste of money, might have known being alot cheaper than you get in the shops.
Really nice but abit too sweet for me!
from Anonymous on 18/05/2016
Really nice vape, again better after it was steeped and left to breath, just a little too sweet for my taste buds, but still a really really nice vape
Best I've had
from Anonymous on 17/05/2016
Excellent product ... The taste is so good ... Highly recommend this!! The vape is gives of is also very good ... Delivery was good also .. 10 out of 10
from Anonymous on 17/05/2016
This juice is very smooth and moorish the flavours just pop I can taste all sorts of fruits it's not lasted me long really enjoying this one.
Five star
from Anonymous on 16/05/2016
Amazing taste almost like a mouthful of lilt juice!! And the vapour is amazing! I purchased 30/70 and 16 nicotine and am more than happy with the eliquid. Delivery was also very good! Eliquid was good enough to lead me to buy anothe three of these amazing flavours which I can't wait to arrive. 5* all the way from the start to the mouth!
Big flavour
from Anonymous on 13/05/2016
Great variant of flavours all fruity and Caribbean style. O get Mango and in my opinion a hint of pineapple, brilliant adv never disappoints.
from Anonymous on 13/05/2016
Not a glass bottle delivered ...shame :(
Great taste, never gets old
from Anonymous on 07/05/2016
Incredible, is all I can say (reggae smash)
10 pounds for a 100ml bottle
Normally I get 15ml bottles for £10.00
Amazing, I use an rba dual dab the flavour comes out nicely and you can taste multiple fruits
Only down side is the 30:70 didn't produce amazing clouds
Next time I'll go for a 100vg
Amazing product, incredible price
Great juice
from Anonymous on 06/05/2016
This is a very tasty juice very smooth and plenty of flavour will be trying some other flavours in the future very impresses with the value.
from Anonymous on 22/04/2016
Received today, put it in straight away. Found my new all day vape!! Thank you!
Carribean Crush
from Anonymous on 07/04/2016
Tastes exactly like the drink made by Levi Roots. It's so fruity and refreshing. This may be my new adv! Thank you JuicyVapes :)
from Anonymous on 24/03/2016
Quick delivery, wasn't expecting delivery the next day I could of sworn I missed the same day despatch time but win for me I guess. Flavour is very smooth from the outset very tastey almost like an old Um Bongo drink I had when I was younger but above all your price is stupidly good I don't even see how you guys make money from this but keep up the epic work
Still my favourite
from Anonymous on 21/03/2016
Have been buying this juice every two weeks since 2015!! Should have bought a litre by now and you guys should do loyalty cards! Such good juice guys my adv for ages so good and never been bored of this flavour
Great price great juice
from Anonymous on 17/03/2016
amazed, totally amazing juice and the price is unbeatable
Just ordered a litre
from Anonymous on 08/03/2016
The best juice ive ever had it tastes so good, just come back and ordered a litre. Got myself a new adv
Good flavour
from Anonymous on 28/02/2016
Good Product
from Anonymous on 16/02/2016
Highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend to you. Flavour is fantastic
from Anonymous on 15/02/2016
The best e-liquid I have ever purchased, a massive tropical flavour that is so tasty. 3070 setup produces some huge vapour very impressed and very happy
from Anonymous on 12/02/2016
If I could drink this juice without killing myself I probably would, it tastes so god damn niiiiiice :)
Nice smooth juice
from Anonymous on 11/02/2016
The flavour is so powerful, its very smooth and for the 50:50 option I still get good vapour. For the price I've found myself a nice all day vape
from Anonymous on 10/02/2016
I cannot speak highly enough of this flavour, absolute perfection
Good Stuff
from Anonymous on 06/02/2016
Top notch product and for price can't go wrong
I want them all
from Anonymous on 05/02/2016
Just received my 300ml, Reggae Smash is by far my favourite but they all taste amazing. You guys need to sell sample packs because I want every flavour on here!
Good Premium Juice
from Anonymous on 05/02/2016
I am lost for words for how great this tastes for the price I paid. You have a regular customer in me!
from Anonymous on 05/02/2016
The Mango is so strong, every vape of this flavour is like the first. Tastes so damn good :)
from Anonymous on 05/02/2016
Great Juice
Very Fruity
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Of all the ejuice I have tried, this is the most tastiest and fruitiest juice. Only problem I had with this is that I didn't order more!
loved by all
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
My absolute favourite, every single person that has tried this flavour has gone on to buy some of their own. Good price Great juice
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Perfect Taste. Only problem is I only ordered 100ml. Should of ordered more like a litre... A Great all day vape.
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Ordered 500ml ejuice and they all taste gorgeous, you have a regular customer in me and I would thoroughly recommend.
Cannot get over the price
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
For the price I paid I cannot speak highly enough of this eliquid, ordered 100ml to try it out and have now just gone back and ordered another 600ml, love this flavour, lets hope the other flavours are as good!
Tastes of Lilt
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Tastes of lilt, love this flavour but a bit angry as my boyfriend keeps vaping it and he doesn't even vape!
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Was tempted to buy this because the price seemed just too good to be true but I am so happy I ordered. Average delivery time, good looking bottles and flavour to this juice is beyond brilliant, will definitely be ordering some more
Quick Delivery
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
I ordered this and 200ml of other ejuice and got the free delivery, received my parcel within the next day. Big clouds and tastes amazing! Good Work :)
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Just ordered my second lot of Reggae Smash since black Friday, love this flavour, tastes fantastic
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Quick Delivery, smells nice, product looks good and it tastes amazing
Love it
from Anonymous on 30/01/2016
Finally I've found a juice that I can vape all day every day without getting fed up with it. I love the flavour. It tastes like a can of lilt. And the price is incredible. You can't go wrong with this juice. Thanks juicy vapes :)
Mango Lovers
from Anonymous on 28/01/2016
I love mango based flavours and this is the best Ive tried to date. Got a 50:50 setup and still chucks some pretty impressive clouds. Would recommend
from Anonymous on 28/01/2016
Was a little sceptical for the price I paid. That old saying if its too good to be true come to mind but I have found my ADV here, very impressed.
from Anonymous on 28/01/2016
I purchased 100ml Reggae Smash and 100ml Rainbow Trail, I love both the flavours and delivery was quick too. I am in Vape Heaven
Great Juice
from Anonymous on 28/01/2016
Tastes amazing, cannot complain for £10
from Anonymous on 28/01/2016
By far the best juice I have ever tried. Would recommend to anyone who loves sweet flavours
from Anonymous on 27/01/2016
if I'm honest I didn't really have high expectations considering the price but thought I could just use this as my daytime juice but hand on heart can honestly say I'm hooked! I cannot speak highly enough of this flavour it's awesome. Would recommend and will personally be buying more. Good job guys
No need to steep
from Anonymous on 27/01/2016
Tastes amazing, I was told to leave these to steep but vaped it straight away and it tastes perfect. Just ordered another 200ml
Carribean Crush
from Anonymous on 27/01/2016
This is my favorite by far. Tastes just like my favorite drink!
Found my ADV
from Anonymous on 27/01/2016
I am literally lost for words that this is a tenner :) cannot go wrong and taste absolutely fantastic!