Customer ratings for Highs n Berry by Spartan Juice

Highs n Berry by Spartan Juice
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Blue Fruit, Menthol

The Top Selling Blue Fruit Menthol

30ml (3x10ml)

3mg, 6mg

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Number of ratings: 88
Average rating: 4.7
Love this flavour, great vape liquid
from Karen Austin on 11/04/2018
Excellent service, speedy delivery. My favourite liquid, seems to last longer than other 10ml bottles and I vape a lot. Brilliant value for money without tasting cheap or chemically, like some do. The only slightly negative thing is I struggle to open the bottles, if you could make them a bit easier while still being child proof would be great.
My word!
from Jimmy on 28/10/2017
Had many Heisenberg-esque juices in the past, some of them are really good, some of them really not so good. This one, hands down, the best I've EVER had. Really really really glad I bought a few bottles and I can guarantee you that I will be buying more!
5 Points
from Anonymous on 03/10/2017
Love vape, fresh, minty with hint of berries
from Karen on 02/10/2017
Really good, great flavour, good price and fast delivery
from Anonymous on 05/09/2017
This is now my favourite flavour, excellent price and great vaping experience
Incredible taste and value
from Anonymous on 03/09/2017
Amazing flavour amazing price incredible delivery (next day) I love juicy vapes and love this flavour.
My go to vape
from Anonymous on 03/09/2017
Tried this in the shake and vape but the 10ml flavour is much much stronger. Have been vaping the 10mlls now for a couple of months and haven't found Heisenberg cheaper anywhere else even in the 10ml
Received next day
from Anonymous on 02/09/2017
Quick Delivery amazing flavour good cloud vapour ill be buy more soon next pay day
Strong Flavour
from Anonymous on 01/09/2017
Really intense menthol shot and very strong flavour clouds are very good on production too
from Anonymous on 11/08/2017
Highly rated
from Anonymous on 15/05/2017
Great value should have ordered the strong flavor.delivered as stated.excellent product.
Cheap and amazing fresh taste!
from Anonymous on 19/04/2017
Good value for a great juice
from Anonymous on 03/04/2017
Smooth and fruity
from Anonymous on 28/03/2017
Really great e liquid. Gives a nice throat hit. Will definitely buy more. definitely recommend this liquid
Worth the price
from Anonymous on 24/03/2017
This juice is definitely worth the price. The one criticism i have is that it is lacking in flavour a little. This annoyed me slightly since i chose the 'extra flavour option'. Still, good juice for a great price.
from Anonymous on 23/03/2017
Great taste and good clouds. Will be ordering more soon.
from Anonymous on 16/03/2017
I heard people talking about this flavour before and gave it ago because of the hype. Absaloutley amazing flavour almost indescribable but is now my favourite of all time!
from Anonymous on 27/02/2017
amazing flavour!! really pleased I tried this one!
Amazing Product
from Anonymous on 25/02/2017
This is a great product. Used it before, but from a different supplier. Thier version is just as good, it tastes as nice, and can't find a bad thing to say about it. Delivery was very quick as well. Thanks guys. Will be ordering more.
from Anonymous on 19/02/2017
Always wanted to try this flavour but it seems so expensive everywhere else. At this price I had to try and am so glad that I did. Incredible flavour, a must try.
Not the strongest heisenberg i've had but a nice tidy taste
from Anonymous on 18/02/2017
Not bad. Enjoyable vape, not the strongest and certainly not the worst. Would definately re-buy this. Leaves a nice refreshing taste in your mouth, did not need steeping either.
Very moreish
from Anonymous on 17/02/2017
Tried a couple of 'highs and bergs' and this is right up there, can't put it down and it's my adv at the moment will definitely buy more especially at this price. Happy customer. Ssocc 0.5 coil at 35 watts.
Pretty nice
from Anonymous on 15/02/2017
I've tried a couple of variations of this e liquid from different suppliers; JuicyVapes' doesn't have any sort of menthol hit and I don't find the flavour to be very strong, but it's a very nice e liquid & I vape it all day. I do find it to be quite 'loose' and have to fill my tank up around 3-5 times a day. Great price and I'll definitely be back for more! I'd definitely recommend this flavour.
from Anonymous on 13/02/2017
Juice is bang on!! Blue aniseed menthol all the flavours are pitch perfect as in the right amount of each and I literally don't want to vape anything else!
Great taste and good value
from Anonymous on 11/02/2017
All i can say, this is real VIP juice.
from Anonymous on 06/02/2017
from Anonymous on 02/02/2017
Great juice, lot's of flavour.will buy it again, and price its very good.Thanks 70-30 big-big clouds with my 100w divice.
We have tried many of these , and this is by far the best !! Great clouds and flavour is perfect.
from Anonymous on 01/02/2017
Good flavour at 30w 0.5 ohm coil
from Anonymous on 27/01/2017
I found the 50-50 mix better than the 70-30 good product
Bang on
from Anonymous on 27/01/2017
Very happy with everything about this order:
1) great flavour (very tasty)
2) amazing price
3) quickest delivery ever experienced.
Great price, underwhelming flavour.
from Anonymous on 26/01/2017
The price is great in comparison to other 100ml bottles bought elsewhere, good amount of smoke and the sensation on the throat is easy. Scored 3/5 due to the flavour, having tried two other variations of Highs 'n' Berg, the comparison doesn't meet expectations as the flavour is a little flat.
Tried the rest
from Anonymous on 19/01/2017
I have tried so many variations of this flavour from different suppliers over the years and I am pleased to say that not only is this one the best value for money, in my opinion its also the best tasting. Nice blue fruit flavour with a cooling menthol exhale. I am not a menthol lover but Highs n Berg is a must try for any vaper!
from Anonymous on 18/01/2017
great value for money
from Anonymous on 13/01/2017
nice flavour
The best flavor
from Anonymous on 12/01/2017
It's a taste you never get tired of and never lets you down. The blue fruit really goes well with menthol and give it a spearmint type taste, not over powering and a great after taste.
from Anonymous on 01/01/2017
What an excellent eliquid. Worth every single penny! Customer for life!!
5 star product
from Anonymous on 30/12/2016
Great great great great taste an value for money we all have tried cheaper eliquid and got burning after taste but not this time cool and refreshing love this brand
10 out of 10
from Anonymous on 28/12/2016
love this vape!
from Anonymous on 19/12/2016
although i ordered this for a mate, i've tried it numerous times and love it. so much so, i'll be ordering it for myself. It's slightly more pricier than the others because its just that little bit better. As mentioned on my other post, if you have too much of it, you get used to the flavour and it feels like you're not getting any flavour, just cloud. but as soon as you switch to another flavour, then come back, its just how you first remembered it. highly recommend
Brilliant flavour.
from Anonymous on 16/12/2016
I love this flavour so much, its so full of flavour. I recommend letting it steep for about a week before trying. It's a lovely fruity taste on the pull and a cool breeze on the exhale. I really recommend this flavour to anyone who likes a cool fruity vape.
Cool Blueberry liquorice
from Anonymous on 12/12/2016
Nice multitude of flavours, not a menthol but similar cooling effect of a menthol type flavour.
The best
from Anonymous on 11/12/2016
This is the best liquid I've tried period!
Great product 5 *
from Anonymous on 12/11/2016
I have found this flavour very tasty strong and smooth and very fruity
Great tasting juice.
from Anonymous on 06/11/2016
Taste is fantastic. Would recommend.
Excellent value for money
from Anonymous on 03/11/2016
I bought a two bottle pack last month, Good flavour and plenty of vapour, It would be interesting to try tobacco flavours if they decide to supply them. But I'll certainly buy again.
first class
from Anonymous on 27/10/2016
another great flavor will buy again
from Anonymous on 27/10/2016
Very nice flavour. Would definitely buy again
from Anonymous on 09/10/2016
Amazing flavour! Love it
All day Vale
from Anonymous on 09/10/2016
from Anonymous on 08/10/2016
very nice and cool on the throat will defo buy again
from Anonymous on 24/09/2016
I'm not usually into menthol vape but I must say for the price this highs. N. Berg vip range is great price great vape well impressed.
Top flavour
from Anonymous on 24/09/2016
I have just received my order 24 hours after ordering :) opened my package and started vaping. Good anise and menthol flavour with the fruit falling in behind nicely. Once again great flavour and value for money.
Came yesterday
from Anonymous on 18/09/2016
Order arrived yesterday two days after ordering. Tried multiple versions of this flavour from different providers and have to say so far so good, have already placed an order for more flavours from you guys.
from Anonymous on 07/09/2016
Immediate became one of my all time flavours. The mix of aniseed / liquorice, blue fruits and menthol is perfect. Using on a tfv8.
Heavy Menthol
from Anonymous on 25/08/2016
Little bit harsh compared to EZ Now
Menthol is full on, would like to see a little less menthol and more on the fruit.
Still, a nice all day vape though
May improve with steeping, as with a lot of juices from this site
That said, the price point is 2nd to none - for what you get..... will deffo order more
Simply the best
from Anonymous on 16/08/2016
I hate to sound like Tina turner but this is simply the best highs n berg I have ever had. I am always abit wary or trying new liquids but I am glad I did. I won't be going back to my previous liquids and neither will you once you have tried this.
Nice taste, great value, will be buying it again.
from Anonymous on 24/07/2016
Taste just like the real thing and the best price I could find online (for 100ml). Will be coming back for more. Great job juicyvapes!
Great Taste and Smooth Vape
from Anonymous on 22/07/2016
Great Product again, Amazing flavor for when you crave a fruit and menthol smoke.

I Ordered this at 100ml with 70/30 at 6mg and I can't find a fault whatsoever, flavor is awesome, price is great and took 3 days to arrive which I think is fine.

I did however order this with strong flavor in the menu and i think if you're using a dripper setup like me its best to use normal as the menthol was a bit overpowering but that was from my choice to ignore the suggestion when ordering.

For £15 @ 100ml I honestly can't find another Liquid that can come close to these and the tastes don't keep up with the higher brands charging you upto three times the price!

Keep up the great work guys!

Good value for money
from Anonymous on 20/07/2016
These juices are good value for money but are slightly lacking in flavour.
from Anonymous on 13/07/2016
The entire process was seamless. Really quick delivery and flavour is spot on. Right amount of menthol and right amount of fruitiness.
from Anonymous on 29/06/2016
Such a nice vape, really smooth fruity and nice cool after note. Can't fully explain the flavour other than fresh fruity and cooling definitely worth a try!
So Cheap
from Anonymous on 12/06/2016
No difference to Heisenberg, none what so ever. The price is so much cheaper so will be coming back again. Have told all my friends very happy
Super good
from Anonymous on 09/06/2016
Really nice liquid, cooling effect without overpowering menthol but not so weak it's unnoticeable, I've found with e liquid the menthol quantity varies a lot but this is perfect, fruity aftertaste and my new all day vape.
First time on this one
from Anonymous on 05/06/2016
Never tried this flavour before (or anything like it) so took a punt. The quality of the juice cannot be faulted but for me personally I've decided I prefer deserts this Is more menthol fruit so on conclusion I'm glad I tried buy prefer custard.
from Anonymous on 03/06/2016
from Anonymous on 02/06/2016
Fruity blueberries I think with menthol undertone. I didn't realise it was going to be menthol and that's not my thing other than that the delivery was quick and It was good value but just not for me this time. Which one shall I try next?
Very tasty
from Anonymous on 02/06/2016
I prefer the twister as an all day vape but this is a nice version of heisenberg and close to the vampire vapes one but theirs is blue, I tried both mixed together and the taste is divine.
Good value all day vape
from Anonymous on 25/05/2016
Was recommended by a friend who also warned me that these juices needed to be steeped. I vaped highs upon delivery and it is perfect very nice and a good value all day vape for me. I will not be going anywhere else to get my juice from now on
Too good
from Anonymous on 23/05/2016
Literally cannot explain the flavour. All my friends have tried and loved it its so bloody nice
Crazy Good
from Anonymous on 23/05/2016
The menthol on this juice is so strong its epic! Didn't really get the fruity undertone until I steeped it for a few weeks but overall a very good product, highly rated and extremely well priced.
from Anonymous on 22/05/2016
One of the best of your great juices. Strong fruity menthol taste. Wish the VIP range was slightly cheaper as this is a top flavour. Banging flavours, banging service and super fast delivery. Big up to Juicyvapes.
from Anonymous on 16/05/2016
Didn't smell too good on first impressions so gave it a little try as I wasn't expecting that much for the price, was going to use it as an adv at work and have to say on first impressions it tastes amazing. Will be ordering more when I get through this bottle and I don't think it will be long :)
Needs steeping
from Anonymous on 16/05/2016
Couldn't vape it to start with but was advised to let it steep which I was unaware of at the beginning which is where I have to hold my hands up as I should of assumed that considering it is made fresh to order! Have to say after two weeks this flavour is deliciously smooth and the menthol is so powerful. Well worth the money I paid, fantastic juice for such a crazy price and well worth it after its steeped!
Brilliant absolutely genius
from Anonymous on 11/05/2016
Well done Walter White 10000 thumbs up from me great vape great flavour, not too many clouds from the 50/50 is the only downside but will order 7030 on the next time around
not great
from Anonymous on 10/05/2016
bought 50/50 standard flavour strength and 3mg nicotine doesnt taste anything near the original Heisenberg doesn't really taste of much to be honest
Can't put down!
from Anonymous on 07/05/2016
Great flavour, very moreish!!!
Not the best
from Anonymous on 06/05/2016
I've had this and purple ice in my rda and both flavours had no fruitiness to it all I can taste is mint
from Anonymous on 27/04/2016
5 star product
from Anonymous on 30/03/2016
Me and my wife have been vaping this since has come through the door and we are both hooked already
Great like brand product
from Anonymous on 29/03/2016
10/10 tastes exactly the same
from Anonymous on 27/03/2016
Spot on to Heisenberg at a very impressive price!
A big thumbs up from me
from Anonymous on 24/03/2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this flavour, I regularly purchase vapeclub Heisenberg flavour and this flavour tastes no different except its the same price for 70ml more! SCORE!
from Anonymous on 23/03/2016
The most intense flavour I have ever come across the menthol hit is so powerful I feel like I've just chewed on 100 airwaves such a strong menthol flavour
from Anonymous on 23/03/2016
Tastes the same as heisenberg
Fantatic value for money
from Anonymous on 23/03/2016
Mine arrived today! Love what you guys have done here I adore the Heisenberg flavour and cannot tell the difference between yours and theirs apart from yours is a tenner for 100ml absolutely crazy
Free Sample Review
from Anonymous on 22/03/2016
Thank you guys for the free samples, received today and have to say so far so good. A very strong fruity menthol undertone exactly as expected considering it is supposed to be a Heisenberg based flavour, in comparison to Heisenberg it is exactly the same I cannot tell the difference I vaped them both on a fishbone plus @0.3 ohms kanthal. 5 stars and 10/10 would recommend
from Anonymous on 22/03/2016
Yep that's definitely Heisenberg there
from Anonymous on 22/03/2016
I'm paid £9.99 plus deliver for 30ml haha! Thank you guys quick delivery and tastes amaazing