Customer ratings for Slush Berry by Spartan Juice

Slush Berry by Spartan Juice
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Blue Raspberry, Slush

Our Highly Rated Top Selling Blue Raspberry Slush

30ml (3x10ml)

3mg, 6mg

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Number of ratings: 131
Average rating: 4.5
Love this
from Anonymous on 25/01/2018
I tried this as a small sample bottle but I liked it that much I ordered it in 100ml!

My 1st order from juicy vapes was for 5 diff flavours, normally when I order from new supplier out of 5 I normally like 1. For the 1st time ever I liked all 5.
High Quality Liquid
from Anonymous on 17/10/2017
Really tasty juice! Love the blueberry hit with sherbet. Have this in my second tank for a change. Have the highs n berry as my all day vape as I find this can be a bit sickly but that's just my tastes
Better than tit sauce
from Anonymous on 04/09/2017
Much cheaper alternative to the tit sauce blue slush
Luv it
from Anonymous on 27/07/2017
My favourite fast delivery 2nd time I have purchased from juciey vape
For the price excellent
from Anonymous on 16/05/2017
A little harsh at first but mellows out after vaping for a while but £10 for 100ml can't go wrong. I purchased the strong with the added flavor shot personally don't think it made too much of a difference.
Tastes great
from Anonymous on 14/05/2017
This was my favorite until I got Reggie crush
Used this for a while now - good flavour
from Anonymous on 08/05/2017
This is a good mixer with custard and other fruits - it is just a pity that it doesn't come in a higher nic.
from Anonymous on 25/04/2017
I've been vaping for a number of years now, thought I'd found quality juice from a local supplier at £8 for 30mls.. Took a pun on juicy vapes due to their amazing price of £10 - 100ml & wow, slush berry, rainbow trail (0.3 nicotine) - what ever I'm yet to come across a flavour that isn't good.. I'll be trying them all. Come the 20th may I'll be in possession of a years supply from these guys because its that good. 70\30 mix doesn't feel like it, vapes well in all my mods especially the joytec & Alien, no issues no matter what I put it in and no nasty throat hits. There's other vendors even cheaper but i highly doubt the quality would be the same you'd be foolish to bypass these juices. Top marks top product. The strength option again suppose its personal choice I'm currently vaping 'strong' in a dripper.. No issues even tho they state not reccomended. If you haven't tried these yet take a pun, you won't be disappointed and delivery is rapid too !! Hope this helps any undecided vapers out there. Top marks.
Great taste - unbelievable price. Definitely recommend
from Anonymous on 24/04/2017
It tastes like slush puppies. Has a great taste on the inhale and quite nice on the exhale

I also found that i can get the great taste and vape with less power needed and at a lower temperature which means i get to save more power too!! Longer lasting vapes :)
Very good
from Anonymous on 22/04/2017
Lovely rich fruity taste, nice & smooth.
from Anonymous on 20/04/2017
Mmmm. Not as keen on this one. Seems to taste sweet, but I can't really pick out any fruit flavour. It's pleasant enough, but just overall all I pick up on is sweetness. That could entirely be down to my taste buds though. I have also had the Gulp and Reggae Smash juices and found them to be really great, so you may like this one. Ordered 70/30 with the 'Strong' flavour profile. Running it through a .5 SS coil at 30(ish) watts gives plenty of vapour.
5 star
from Anonymous on 17/04/2017
excellent very quick delivery realy good flavour
from Anonymous on 15/04/2017
from Anonymous on 11/04/2017
I get this product and one other every time I order. I love this flavour. I always get the strong flavour due to my vaping on a cloud beast
Spot on
from Anonymous on 10/04/2017
Love flavour and enjoyed vaping.
Its OK. For the price its good as a back up, or spare but I won't be buying it again
from Anonymous on 02/04/2017
It was very thin. Tasted homemade instead of commercially made. It was clear which was surprising. Can't handle high temps as it tastes bitter as soon as you do. $15 for 100ml isn't bad at all, but would rather pay the extra and go else where.
Nice but needs steeping
from Anonymous on 30/03/2017
Nice flavour but it needed to be steeped longer.
5 star service
from Anonymous on 28/03/2017
I was really pleased with this not only on price but the vape was really good to will recomend and use again in the future
lovely liquid with a nice balanced flavour
from Anonymous on 20/03/2017
great liquid with a lovely flavour,iv only used this site twice but will be buying mine off hear on a regular basis
from Anonymous on 16/03/2017
Very nice full blue slush flavour. Perfect all day liquid for me!
Thoroughly enjoyed
from Anonymous on 03/03/2017
Me and my wife really like this flavour. We tend to order 4 bottles of e-liquid and just share them in 3mg strength. This one is very nice like blueberry sherbert almost and we also love the reggy smash.
Highly recommended
from Anonymous on 27/02/2017
I found that the product is very very likeable and very addictive. The product when mixed with Highs N Berg gives it its full potential. I look forward to dealing with you more in the near future. Thank you and I highly recommend you and your product to any one.
very nice
from Anonymous on 26/02/2017
has a nice taste
Quite nice taste but bit harsh, hurts my throat at 3mg, eases off after a day or two though
from Anonymous on 24/02/2017
Good value, quite harsh for a while before it settles down, not a bad taste though.
taste like blue slush but mild
from Anonymous on 22/02/2017
It does taste like blue slush but it's not very strong (i chose strong option too). I have noticed each of the juices ive had (gulp, froops and slush berry) get better the warmer they are, what I mean by this is the first 5-10 pulls are harsh, it then develops into something better.
Maybe the long steeped versions are better but there is cheaper juice available elsewhere at better quality. I was unable to find the 100mls for 6quid and I searched the whole site.
All in all a good service considering delivery and packagaing but flavours need a boost for sure.
from Anonymous on 21/02/2017
Actually makes your mouth water. Superb flavour and a real winner.
All day vape!!!!
from Anonymous on 19/02/2017
Over the last three months this has become my all day vape and IMO it is the best eliquid there is.
from Anonymous on 16/02/2017
Always high quality and great flavour, 30/70 is perfect mix and regular flavour perfect
Lovely flavour
from Anonymous on 16/02/2017
70/30 Slush Berry 3mg is a beautiful juice which is a definite all day vape for me.
Very smooth and very tasty.
Black label, ready to vape from day one.
100ml for £10?
Yes please!!
5 star
from Anonymous on 15/02/2017
I use a nautilus x and this juice is amazing in it. Nice flavour and no harshness. Just really smooth.
Very good
from Anonymous on 13/02/2017
Really enjoyed this juice, very fruity, very tasty, hit the spot.
Excellent & very good value
from Anonymous on 11/02/2017
Very smooth and nice flavour
Tastless 1 star
from Anonymous on 10/02/2017
I think they forgot to add any flavour to the one i recieved. Tasteless just clouds! That's after leaving to steep. Won't order this one again, just hope the heis n berg is better otherwise not a great experience.
from Anonymous on 10/02/2017
Great taste. Love it. Better than some at twice the price and higher. It's now my favourite. I can't get enough. Great delivery service. Unlike some. Was using vapemate mate. They dont despatch for 3 days after orider is placed. They are shit compared to these guys.
from Anonymous on 08/02/2017
Can't give it a bad review as just not my flavour but wasn't the worst I've had just prefer more tropical flavours
Nice and steeped
from Anonymous on 06/02/2017
Beautiful blue slush flavour really can taste the Blueberry burst! Very happy.
great value for money
from Anonymous on 29/01/2017
Not the strongest flavour I've ever had but again you can't complain about value for money.
Well below average
from Anonymous on 24/01/2017
The flavor is almost undetectable and whenever I vape it is incredibly harsh. I left it to steep for a while and checked every couple of days and if anything it is getting worse.

I wouldn't recommend this juice at all and would suggest going with another on this site since every other one I have used has been fantastic.
10/10 insane
from Anonymous on 21/01/2017
If you're reading this debating whether to buy it. Definitely do. The flavour is phenomenal, clean hit and the price is impeccable definetly do buy some!!!
I was very warey at first so I bought it and I have only purchased from juicy vapes
Love it
from Anonymous on 14/01/2017
Love the berry taste that this slush gives you....can vape all day long with it.... If your a fan of berry tastes with a sweet under taste then this is for..... Well done guys keep up the good service....
Absolutely no taste as I ordered strong
from Anonymous on 09/01/2017
I read the reviews saying amazing taste and flavour but this was not the cast I ordered the strong flavour range but there was not taste
Top quality
from Anonymous on 24/12/2016
Slush berry has fantastic flavour and is my favourite new vape juice, gonna order another bottle soon , great e-juice with a great price to match.
Love it
from Anonymous on 20/12/2016
Brilliant Blueberry slush flavour I especially like the fact there is no menthol which is in a lot of the other brands of the same flavour.
from Anonymous on 14/12/2016
Very good quality at a great price,
Nice flavour.
Don't go anywhere else now
from Anonymous on 13/12/2016
The flavour was nice, a lot of vape production but a bit to harsh for me when vaping
Just as described
from Anonymous on 29/11/2016
Another lovely flavour. Service is excellent. No reason to hesitate buying! Well worth the money. (Strong, 70/30)
Flavour is there but very harsh to ape
from Anonymous on 29/11/2016
I think it probably needs longer to steep
Extremely good value for money
from Anonymous on 26/11/2016
Good taste ,flavour not too overpowering
Very Nice 70/30 Strong
from Anonymous on 14/11/2016
The juice was alot nicer than expected for the price. But i found the liquid to be on the thin side. A bit more of a blue slush syrupy flavour and a bit thicker and it would be amazing.
The vapour production was also ok. If the juice was abit thicker the vapor production would be much better.
But other than these small negative points the juice was 100% worth the price and i will definitely order again.

Thankyou JuicyVapes
from Anonymous on 10/11/2016
Literally my favourite flavour of all time. Love this stuff.
from Anonymous on 23/10/2016
I love this e liquid tastes just as it's been described. I am so happy with it
better than i expected
from Anonymous on 20/10/2016
very pleased an plan to purchase more products in the future
Great value vape
from Anonymous on 24/09/2016
Only just started this 100ml bottle after sreeping for 2 weeks in a dark cool place.colour of juice has changed I went for the strong flavour.have caped 2 tanks in my smok loud beast tv8 thing at 120watts great flavour great price well impressed.must try some other flavours from this company
from Anonymous on 18/09/2016
Absolutely love this , full of flavour tastes exactly like blue raspberry slush.....my favourite eliquid by far. Excellent quality and would definitely purchase again and recommend
disgusting perfume taste
from Anonymous on 14/09/2016
this really does taste like perfume, i would only get this if you like really sweet strong perfume taste (lol).. but really, i filled my tank and after about 10-15 puffs thew the bottle away its that bad, but for £10, what else could i expect.. really fast dispatch & arrival though!
Very good
from Anonymous on 11/09/2016
This is a very nice liquid, ive been mixing it with the scarlets clue flavour and it tastes devine, strongly recomend.
Nice vape
from Anonymous on 01/09/2016
Nice sherbet slush taste. A good every day vape
from Anonymous on 19/08/2016
Can only speak from own experience, flavour is great, but, in between vapes, it would taste really harsh and I found myself puffing like a train, wasting loads of liquid, until the taste came back to something that didn't taste like inhaling 3000 bees
Very good
from Anonymous on 19/08/2016
Great flavour and value for money. Only thing I would say is that it tastes stronger than the 6mg that I ordered. If tasted correct strength would be perfect!
Very good
from Anonymous on 17/08/2016
I was very surprised at the full flavour of this inexpensive liquid it really is that good. I ordered it one afternoon and it arrived the next day. Will be using them again.
Great price
from Anonymous on 12/08/2016
No doubt the price is brilliant but the taste is not. Doesn't even resemble the fruit . It's a synthetic bubble-gummy taste but after a week or so it's more vape-able .
The raeggea smash is slightly better but not the best liquid i tried. I might buy again to try different flavours just because the price.
from Anonymous on 11/08/2016
Find it so difficult to get decent e-liquid without paying through the nose, however this gives of an amazing flavour with a good amount of vapour. And at £10 for 100ml I can't fault it. Would definitely recommend buying if you're a fan of sweeter flavour. I'm a regular customer now because of this haha.
preddy ok
from Anonymous on 03/08/2016
I was expecting a nice raspberry slush, with some menthol. But instead got really accurate ripe raspberry flavor.
It's a very good raspberry flavor but a bad rasberry slush. Still great for EDV even for I, who doesn't like raspberry
Exactly what it says on the bottle!
from Anonymous on 30/07/2016
from Anonymous on 25/07/2016
Found that the flavors were to subtle so didn't get all the berry taste.
from Anonymous on 22/07/2016
Bland, a slight fruity taste now and again, but generally very bland. Vapeable though. Its my last resort juice
Tastes really good just like the expensive stuff
from Anonymous on 14/07/2016
really nice vape with nice clouds tastes a lot like starburst to me well worth the money and will buy more
5out of 5
from Anonymous on 14/07/2016
I have tried 2 of the juices so far and I'm impressed with them, still got 2 to try yet but my slush berry is that nice I have been using it daily xx would recommend to anyone as I love the juice
Very nice clean juicy vape, with plenty of flavor
from Anonymous on 12/07/2016
Less then average
from Anonymous on 09/07/2016
When I came to the bottle after ten days of steeping I put it in my brand new tfv8 let it settle, had a few go's thought to myself "should of expected this to be the case, don't know if I shall buy again from this company again who I bought 3 bottles of and feel slightly unsatisfied from all 3
top class
from Anonymous on 08/07/2016
really nice raspberry slushy flavour, no nasty aftertaste or sickly taste, just a top quality all day vape. a weeks steeping makes a huge difference to this flavour.
Pretty good-looking could do with a deeper flavour
from Anonymous on 07/07/2016
This product does not need much of a steep. I tried in my dripper after about 4 days steeping and it was pretty good. The more I vape it, the more I like it- but I think it could do with a nice more complex flavour ( and I don't mean flavour shots). But for the price I shouldn't be complaining. This is definitely a potential ADV. 70/30 vg 0.3 nic. Tried in my dripbox 160. 0.2 ohms duel Clapton coils at around 60 watts. In my subtank mini, 0.5 ohms at 22watts.
from Anonymous on 01/07/2016
10/10 will be definitely be buying it again
Great taste, sweet and refreshing
from Anonymous on 30/06/2016
It's a smooth draw and reminds me of a raspberry slush as it should! I have tried three flavours now and this was my favourite, I think you should buy it, you'll love it ;-)
nice taste like the slush flavor from cinemas
from Anonymous on 29/06/2016
i would recommend to other vapers if they like slush puppie or the expensive slush from cinemas and good value for the money thanks
Erm... not sure
from Anonymous on 27/06/2016
Tries it on day one and Nada... tried it a week in and it was pretty much the same. Now I'm into week 3. Sort of scared to try it. As I have to fill my tank and get through it as I don't use a drip tank. So I'll get around to it and pray that the 3 week steep helped. Please anyone else in this boat??
kinda taste bad, but good at the same time, cant vape on it for too long as the taste gets stale
from Anonymous on 27/06/2016
5 stars
from Anonymous on 26/06/2016
I would definitely recommend this juice it has easily become one of my all day vapes. It has a fruity flavour so if you are into fruit flavours it is definitely a must buy. I can wait to try the other fruit flavours that is in the range.
Not what I expected but good none the less.
from Anonymous on 24/06/2016
Had a lemon-y aftertaste for some reason, maybe I was unfortunate to get the batch I did, but none the less, you cannot argue the price/quality. Just wish you don't have to steep so long, but that's just a fantasy haha. Overall, 8/10.
Best Slush in the market
from Anonymous on 12/06/2016
Not only has the customer service been amazing but after a few days steeping this juice is heaven beyond, amazing. So chuffed to have found you guys and amazing little company, great service, quick delivery and seriously cheap prices, would be good value at triple the price!
A nice pleasant vape.
from Anonymous on 05/06/2016
Left this for 2 weeks before I tried it - as I do with all my juices. I also like to mix flavours together and this is really good with your Scarletts Clue and a touch of Vanilla - it is a shame you do not do a straight Vanilla - but maybe sometime - step for a hint.
Excellent value
from Anonymous on 01/06/2016
At first I was disappointed with a lack of flavour (50/50 mix). I'm not sure if it needed a longer steeping time or if my coil was old but 1 week and 1 coil later it's excellent - good vapour production, good taste and smooth lung hit.
Amazing price
from Anonymous on 01/06/2016
The price, delivery speed, options and flavour are all unbelievable. Will be ordering again. Just one word of caution though: 12mg is way too harsh for sub-ohming but this is my error. I'll be ordering a lower nicotine content very soon.
from Anonymous on 27/05/2016
Fast delivery . Went with the slush berry, wow!! The taste is amazing . I've let it steep for two days and the flavour is so good.. clouds of vape. . Will be ordering again
It's up there
from Anonymous on 26/05/2016
This is up with one of the best slush vapes I have had. Spartan Juice is proving to genuinely be a premium brand with realistic pricing! Well done
Perfect on every level
from Anonymous on 25/05/2016
Super fast delivery, well packaged and presented, amazing taste everything about the flavour is just right, spot on. On every level this is perfect, the price just tops it for me. Fantastic
King of Slush
from Anonymous on 23/05/2016
The taste is out of this world, very sweet blue raspberry inhale and a smooth throat hit well rounded off slush flavour haven't had better anywhere else.
from Anonymous on 22/05/2016
Another brilliant juice, great fruity flavour. Do not go anywhere else for my juices now.
Best in the Market
from Anonymous on 18/05/2016
There is no juice in the market that can content with this juice in terms of price and flavour. For the price you would assume a hangsen type e-liquid manufacturer but is definitely up there with all the other big named premium juice vendors just half the price!
from Anonymous on 18/05/2016
I came acrosses this website on google ordered the juices and two days later it arrivded to my door. Sensational flavour very sweet inhale and a very Moorish aftertaste very happy well presented 5 stars from me
Hidden Gem
from Anonymous on 16/05/2016
Stumbled across this website by pure fluke, ordered just 100ml on my first order as a little test as it sounded way too good to be true. Ordered slush berry and have to say it tastes brilliant. Delivery was two days and comes in a little mini box, for the price I don't have words for it an absolute hidden gem I'm just about to put another order through for more juice and can only say that you guys have passed my test with flying colours. Great company, great flavoursome juice.
Cannot believe the price
from Anonymous on 15/05/2016
Literally cannot believe the price! This is as good as any "premium juice" I have tried and not only is it cheaper you get 3 x as much! I went with the extra flavour shot and all I can say is WOW!!!
Epic taste
from Anonymous on 13/05/2016
The best blue slush on the market ordered and received within two days, quick delivery well put together juice no need to steep, get some good clouds on a 30,70 ratio but am tempted to go for the 0,100 next time around, very smooth and flavoursome nothing like I expected it to be very good price completely unbeatable product
from Anonymous on 13/05/2016
This liquid tastes so good, makes the overall vape perfect, cannot wait to try all the others since this one is so good, ordered 100%PG and its amazing, best liquid ive had so far.
Great all day vape 5 stars from me
from Anonymous on 11/05/2016
Was recommended to this site from my friend who advised me that this juice needs a good steep, I tried a little bit when my juice arrived and it was perfect straight away and have not been on any other juice since! Amazing flavour very smooth, good adv and would recommend
Could not use this juice
from Anonymous on 10/05/2016
Ordered 6mg high vg but throat hit was so harsh it was completely unusable. Different people tried it in different tanks and agreed. Not sure if this was a mixing error but I did send an email to question and heard nothing back.
Very Nice
from Anonymous on 04/05/2016
My first venture into the vaping world and i couldn't have asked for a better flavour of juice at such a good price !! I've been back since and bought 6 more different flavours so far
from Anonymous on 23/04/2016
2nd time trying this juice in a different mixture and it's still one of my favourites, thoroughly enjoyed it and could happily vape it all day would recommend and have done, thanks guys love this juice
from Anonymous on 18/04/2016
I really enjoyed this liquid the flavour is great, the 70/30 flowed through all of my tanks really well and it was just a really enjoyable liquid, I'll definitely be buying more and trying some more flavours, thanks guys :)
The best slush
from Anonymous on 30/03/2016
Yay my juice arrived today!!!! This flavour is amazing tastes so good smells amazing so sweet and I can tell that this is going to be my adv :)
Compared to other slush flavours this is the best
from Anonymous on 29/03/2016
I have been paying the same price for 30ml of this in other shops and your version I have to say is in a league of its own and the price, the delivery time, the prompt correspondence when ordering it was packaged well. It was recommended to me and I will continue to recommend going forward good job tastes so good
from Anonymous on 29/03/2016
Took quite a while for delivery but assuming because of the bank holiday, so far so good tastes and smells magnificent. Read numerous reviews about Spartan juice requiring steeping but have vaped mine straight away no problems but from experience the sweeter juices as usually good to go. Good clouds, good flavour, good price
Great value
from Anonymous on 27/03/2016
Mega fast delivery, smells amazing wow and so far so good with taste and the price is amazing very happy
Great Product
from Anonymous on 24/03/2016
About to complete my third order of this flavour and this time I am ordering a big bottle and thought I would share my opinion on this flavour before I checkout. So happy I have found this flavour it tastes so nice a very sweet berry very smooth and 30/70 ratio produces a great amount of clouds (which is the term I think you use!) delivery is always very fast. My fav Spartan juice flavour out of the whole range and recommend to anyone who is a fan of slush flavours
from Anonymous on 23/03/2016
An all round lovely vape, great clouds and fantastic value at £10 for 100ml, so good i got two.
The best amazing
from Anonymous on 23/03/2016
I was one of those unfortunate people that ordered on black Friday, haven't ordered since but then you sent me some samples (thank you by the way very generous) and one of the flavours was your slush berry and I have to say quite honestly that it is probably the best one I've had, don't know if the sample I received had already been steeped but tasted amazing from the start. Have just placed another order and if this bottle tastes as good as your samples then you will be seeing a heck of a lot of me. Good turnaround juicy vaps
Can tell what the rave is about now
from Anonymous on 22/03/2016
Have to agree with the other reviews (which convinced me to buy in the first place) and this is probably the best I've tried, bottle going down quick will definitely be ordering some more
Best blue slush I've had
from Anonymous on 21/03/2016
Tastes so good, price is unbeatable I haven't found it cheaper anywhere else and I haven't found a juice that competes with this flavour it really is amazing i love it
from Anonymous on 21/03/2016
The nuts of a flavour totally in love 10 million stars from me :)
The best blue slush on the market
from Anonymous on 17/03/2016
Leagues of above any other versions I've tried very impressed for the price and delivery was next day. Will be seeing a lot more of me
My all day vape
from Anonymous on 11/03/2016
I can't believe how cheap this is my flavour was amazing will recommend
The best blue slush in the market
from Anonymous on 09/03/2016
Perfect in every way
The Bomb!
from Anonymous on 08/03/2016
Never tasted anything like it - the best of them all
Perfect Product
from Anonymous on 28/02/2016
Ordered slush berries and a 3 pack of deserts, steeped it for a week and the flavour is so intense and smooth I haven't even tried the 3 pack yet im hooked on this flavour good adv good price 5 stars
Amazing Price
from Anonymous on 28/02/2016
Good flavour, speedy delivery and the price is unbeatable
from Anonymous on 23/02/2016
Overwhelmed that something this nice can be produced so and sold so cheap, the flavour and the clouds this juice kicks out is incredible. Ordered on the Monday and got mine today very quick delivery
Recommend it!
from Anonymous on 21/02/2016
Such a powerful flavour, throat hit was very harsh to start with but let it steep and its brilliant, sweet niceness I recommend it, A*
You Beauty!
from Anonymous on 17/02/2016
Mouth watering
from Anonymous on 17/02/2016
Ask my partner, I'm never lost for words but I genuinely can't express how good this flavour is! Been searching for MY ADV..... Think I've found it!
from Anonymous on 16/02/2016
I take my hat off to you, amazing flavour!
Good Job Spartan Juice
from Anonymous on 15/02/2016
Completely head over heels with this flavour, smooth and delicious
from Anonymous on 15/02/2016
I cant quite put my finger on the taste which makes me want to keep vaping it. All I know is that I love the flavour, I love the price and I love this product
awesome flavour!
from Anonymous on 12/02/2016
Excellent juice,loads of flavour and vapour and extremly well packaged and very nice labeled glass bottle 10/10
from Anonymous on 12/02/2016
You have smashed it with this one, amazing amazing AMAZING #AMAZING!
Million Stars!
from Anonymous on 12/02/2016
Only ordered yesterday and received mine already, quick delivery guys and I must say you have a delicious and tasty juice here, love it
from Anonymous on 12/02/2016
If I could high five you guys I would! This is my ADV I am literally in heaven right now!
Love it!
from Anonymous on 11/02/2016
Mine came today, tastes epic!
My Best Buy
from Anonymous on 11/02/2016
A massive fan of tit sauce blue slush flavour and it has nothing on this flavour, the fact that I can get this for a tenner is just the cherry on top of the cake
Immense flavour
from Anonymous on 11/02/2016
I need to order more!
from Anonymous on 10/02/2016
Num Num Num Num!!!!
from Anonymous on 10/02/2016
Just received through the door today, quick delivery! Tastes amazing :) Don't know how I'm going to get through this bottle though its massive