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Twiister 100ml
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Pineapple, Lime and Strawberry Fruit Ice Cream Lollipop - 100ml shake to vape eliquid from The Spartan Juice Co.

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Number of ratings: 89
Average rating: 4.4
A little under expectation of flavour.
Have left juice to steep and still only getting like a bubble gum flavour which doesnt taste like twister in my opinion. Will not purchase again but will mostly experiment with others to see what good.
Too much banana
Really good flavour. however i don't like banana and that is the predominant flavour unfortunately i had one tank and was already sick of it. however i can see how some people might like it hence the 4 stars it did have strong flavour just not for me.
very good
very good flavor was good delivery promt wish I could get just a pineapple one think that would be great
Love this flavour, excellent service & a very speedy delivery.Glad I found JuicyVapes
good flavour
Nice juice for MTL vaping at low power. But it really needs to come in higher nic. content
5 star
excellent very quick delivery realy good flavour
Mmmm... It's ok....
Tasted similar to Twister but personally thought it tasted like Screw it. I thought there was more of a bubblegum taste on the exhale which is not a bad thing if you like bubblegum flavours but I personally don't. Overall flavour was a little muted but not a bad deal in reflection of the price.
Loving this juice will be getting more of this
Not bad at all
Very good
Nice flavour combination.
Rate this product as a good product.
This is my first time ordering from juicy Vapes I am always very wary of buying liquids online. But this store is a good one very well handled with product. Also good delivery I ordered Friday and got item by Tuesday. Taste of product tastes exactly like the ice lolly to me not sure for anyone else.
4 out of 5
Nice flavour, it's more ice cream heavy than other twister flavours I've tried, most tend to be mostly lime but this has a nice amount of the strawberry core Great value and fast delivery, looking forward to trying more flavours from the site.
Top product would certainly recommend
Running this through a subtank 0.5 coil on a Koopor plus at 30w. Decent fruity flavour would definitely recommend it.
Been vaping many years & vaped many different juices. But this juice could be better. Not bad but could be better.
On point!
This has the predominant flavour of bananas, now with my experience, getting a banana flavoured liquid rite has proved very difficult for many companies in the past but juicy vapes have got this nailed and down to a tee. A great liquid and flavour.
Very good
Good taste. Good quality. Excellent value for money.
Great products loads of flavour great taste loads of vape loads to choose from and at a great price quick delivery would definitely recommend will be buying more
Very nice
Full of flavour and very moorish
Great juice very smooth and full of citrus flavours
initially thought what a waste of money, as the flavour was tasteless and it gave a really bad throat hit.
I steeped the juice for 3 weeks, and "WOW" what a difference,, good flavour, lovely throat hit, smooth vape...
Wisemec Rx2/3
0.5 coil,, kangertech tank. 28watts
Nice, but....
Vaped on a crown at 55w and a Cleito at 50w.

Nice flavour, but a little muted. Does it taste like twister ice cream? Yes, but toned down. No zing like the lime and red centre from the ice cream, even though I order strong.

I opted for 3mg nicotine, but for some reason, this one is really harsh on the throat. Would I buy again.... Probably, makes a decent back up.
Brilliant flavour, so flavourful. Lovely pineapple/strawberry taste on the pull and you are left with a lovely creamy taste after. Recommend steeping this for 1/weeks after getting it to enjoy the flavour as much as you can. Will buy again and recommend anyone who likes fruit/creamy flavours to give it a try!
absolutly wonderfull flavour, a little down on vapours though but perfect shit for people looking for smooth and soft drags with full flavour, i tried it with aspire nautilus x (mtl) and herakles sense plus(dl) .
flavour is killing on both tanks,
I expected better
I use aspire k3pipe; 30:70.firstly it was very bad as clearly needed steeping time. after, it gained its taste but its somehow too sweet with an artificial skittles candies taste. its vapeable and the longer i steep the better it gets. but i don't recommend this one. also 30:70 ratio is giving me dry mouth effect.
Nice adv
Recommended this flavour from guys on the spartan juice Facebook page. Really nice juice thanks.
Nice juice
Ordered and received next day. Couldn't resist and stuck some straight on the dark horse rda. I can see why it's called twister, it doesn't taste exactly the same as the lolly but certainly very similar.
Sweet and light
Me and the Mrs love this liquid. This was the first time of trying Twister but can gladly say it won't be the last, it was a fantastic liquid.
Lacks flavour
Out of the 3 flavours I bought this has the best flavour but still very bland was hoping for better.
It was a good price but if I order again will probably go for strong on the flavour which was an option.
Very good! ...needs steeping (1.5-2 weeks) to be excellent!
Smooth taste, the 3 mg nicotine give you a light throat hit and a nice aftertaste.
Great product 5*
This is an amazing flavour I love the the full fruity flavour I've all ready recommend to my vaping friends
Really amazing how the flavour is layered to the effect of a twister lolly. Vanilla ice cream with hints of strawberry and lime.
Great value, sweet flavour and high vg, vapes really well, would like to see tobacco flavours.
Left to steep and so worth it
I imagine with the multitude of flavours in this eliquid is why it took some time for the flavour to develop. Left in a cool dark cupboard for two weeks before first trying the juice and it is incredible
like it a lot but just wish the pinapple was a little stronger
No flavour
It smells like pear drops so actually was nice until I started vaping, almost no flavour
Just like childhood memory
Very god flavour. You get all the flavours of a twister lolly. Good vapour. Very good quality liquid
Incredible value
The amount of juice for the price is near on unbelievable. There is no compromise in quality either. Absolutely over the moon that I found you!
amazing flavour the pinapple is outstanding
Could be a stronger flavour
First time purchasing 100mls, nice plastic bottle and swift delivery
Would have given even more starts if I could!
Loved this stuff genuinely reminds me of the ice cream man!
It's okay
Needed steeping but a lot smoother when steeped. Quite bland tho
Good juice, but don't notice the strawberry flavour
4 stars
I like the flavour but somehow feels abit harsh while using the smok tfv8 tank.
But it's excellent on price and excellent on delivery
Best yet
The flavour is right their I recomended the regular when choosing the strength on the inhale is smooth and on the exhale it sticks on the tongue just right will be buying again postage was good and very prompt.
Enjoyed this more than berry
I got a nice taste of old fashioned bubblegum easy on the throat and lots of cloud. Could be a little stronger in taste.
Top notch
It needed steeping but after a week wow you can taste all the flavors and I can vape this All day will buy this again
First few puffs, fruity and creamy. After using on and off for a few weeks, flavour has faded. Occasional hits of flavour, but another bland juice.
10 out 10
Fantastic flavour and vapour
Flavour is absolutely bang on. Superb flavour and at a superb price. Will not be getting my juice from anywhere else from now on. As soon as you have your first vape it is just like licking a twister lolly pop. The mix of the flavours is so tasty you can't stop vaping.
Excellent, very clean juice, lovely mix
I didn't have to steep this one, it tasted great from the get go. Didn't last too long, as I sub ohm, which is why ive ordered 1000ml in my next order.

Recommended, and doesn't seam to affect coil life.
very good !
A really nice combination ! Definitely found a spot for it in my rotation.
again not a bad taste
flavours are not strong enough
all in all i brought 4 bottles and not very happy its a shame because they smell and taste great but when vaping there"s not a lot to them ... if i do buy some more it will be only 1 bottle at 70/30 and max strength
Can't rate highly enough
Lovely juice. Enjoyed vaping and will 100% be ordering this juice again.
5 Stars
I've had this steeping for 12 days since delivery I could not rate this any better than just a fantastic fruity vape with a taste that lingers on the tongue for ages, I've dripped this and have it now in an avocado tank. I'm so pleased with it!
ordered this with a bottle of bloo goo prefer the bloo goo but dont knock it still a good vape and a great taste
Good Flavour but could be a bit stronger
Let mine steep, tastes very very very nice but could be a tad stronger if I am to be super critical
Nice taste reminds me of being a kid
Left it to steep for a few days as when I first tried it it was a bit harsh but it has a good flavour
Good delivery time
Juice smells great and my other half loves it but for me this is neither desert nor fruit, it's in between. I am looking for am all day vape and this one didn't suit me but I do have a bottle of reggae smash waiting to be opened so I look forward to that.
V nice
Creamy and fruity. Very big clouds.
Very fruity and tasty
Might get the less strong next time because the taste is very very strong but also very nice so very impressed.
It's not bad, it's just not good. Doesn't taste like Twister ice lolly. It's got a citrus taste. It is okay it just didn't live up to expectations.
Need more!
On pay day I'm getting a litre of this because I LOVE IT
One of the best flavours in the market
The flavour to this juice is amazing, I'm a big fan of the lollies in the first place and this is spot on very happy fantastic unbeatable price will be seeing more of me
Real good
Can't put my finger on the combo used but it works and that's all that counts! Great vape production and lovely summer flavour
Summer vape
Left to steep for a week and the flavour is amazing. Not exactly the same as the ice lolly but I can see the resemblance. Very nice flavour
Almost flavourless
Order this because l love the twister lollies but unfortunately it had almost no flavour
Great taste but could do with a little more flavour
Don't get me wrong, for the price this juice is unbeatable it tastes fantastic and I haven't ever come across or even heard of juices being sold as cheap as this so a big thumbs up from me. I left mine to steep for over two weeks, it tastes amazing but I feel the flavour could be a little more powerful like add a little bit more flavouring to the bottle, overall its amazing though!
Very sweet but also creamy exhale. Nice vape.
Really nice flavour ,different to anything I've had before adv any time cheers bang on
Bang on
Very Nice will be ordering more
Very Nice will be ordering more good value
Me likey
Good mix of desert and fruit flavour it caters to both senses if that makes sense?? Lol!
Brilliant customer service
My order was held in the Royal Mail network, told these guys and they sent me another order for free whilst the issue was sorted with the Royal mail. Juices are amazing, in need of a little steep but on first glance twister is the absolute best
Beautiful flavour
Smooth from the get go I ordered 3 x 100ml slush berry, twister and purple slurple and have to say this one is my favourite. 5 stars
Quick Delivery, good packaging, AMAZING price totally incomparable and unbeatable to other vendors, brilliant hands on assistance when I ordered via the phone, tastes great so far 5 stars from me
Very good juice for the price
Came quick and tastes very good
So smooth and I couldn't wait to let it steep and was good to go from the start no need to steep this flavour I think it is perfect
These flavours couldnt go any better than they do it tastes fantastic a huge recommendation from me
Vaped mine at 37 watts using my Kangertech Subox Mini 0.5ohm coil and it really is so tasty, get a smooth throat on 3mg with a good production of clouds with 7030 setup. 10/10 quick delivery
Over the moon with this one
Thanks for the great offer guys a good flavour here
Huge flavour
Immense flavour love it!
couldn't be happier, cheap as it comes and tastes amazing
Good and cheap
Will be coming back for more
Gimme more!
Love the way the inhale is a different flavour to the exhale. Amazing flavour and very happy with my choice
The Best I've Tried
Ordered on black Friday, the juice I tried was substantially below standards I expected. Thought I would give them another try and I have to hold my hands up and admit that this is probably the nicest juice I have tried, the twister flavour is so tasty, loads of flavour and loads of different flavours, well packaged, quick delivery and good presentation. Will be recommending you to all my friends and vape forums. Good work!
Very nice vapour..... Friend recommended me after I tried some juice he had got from you guys and can honestly say I won't be going anywhere else again!
Will definitely buy again
This is more than likely the most smoothest flavour I have ever tried, got a good mouthful of different flavours on the inhale and the exhale. Very impressed and very happy, think the litre bottle is up next for me!
Multiple flavours taste amazing, very well put together