Highs n Berry 100ml

Highs n Berry 100ml

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from on 08/07/2019
My go to juice ! has been since I found 'Spartan' its just beautiful fruity goodness with the mildest of menthol cools, its something you can vape all day every day....and sometimes I do hahaha
Less flavor than the 10ml bottles
from on 05/07/2019
I regularly order 3 x 10ml of this flavor and one 100ml bottle at the same time.
I consistently enjoy the 10mls more than the 100ml that requires me to mix it myself. I am unsure if the fact that the 100ml liquid is not premixed is the reason for the loss of flavor but the 100ml liquid is always noticeably lacking in flavor compared to its 10ml, ready-mixed counterparts.
from on 01/07/2019
Wouldn't buy anything else
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